Article Game in a NEW PLACE!

We are having a Chinook in southeastern Alberta! And the days are getting lighter! When I got home from work I decided to go play with articles at the College which is only 10 minutes away. We went to a new place and Ben LOVED IT again! I am so pleased with his happiness and confidence when playing this game. My goal is to meld this joy into his tracking which is very strong but serious.

Chinooks come over the Rocky Mountains and bring warm air – and wind. Over two days, my yard is almost bare of snow. But we have a wind warning in effect. When I got to the College the Day Care area where I usually go was still busy with staff and idling cars. I circled the college and spotted an area that looked promising.

Not wanting to lose light, and not knowing the area well, I quickly placed 6 articles, making mental notes of their locations.

From top to bottom in pairs they were: leather and sock; wood an cotton glove; wool mitten and flannel knot.

I videotaped this session, but things happened so fast that I also created a Photo Album of video stills that show his body snaps and how he discovers each article.

You can see the photo album HERE and the video (5 minutes) HERE

Every time I think he will do this or that, Ben surprises me in this session! High points for me were how he zeroed in on a cloth glove that he couldn’t reach because of chain link – he runs to it three times! When he gets to the other side he is nearly giddy with happiness to get that glove! He also runs straight to a wood square placed near chain link, which can amplify scent.

Here are stills of each area and the article locations:



The last two articles are hidden in open spaces in metal beams. I thought they would be tricky and he really nails them – including a wool sock hidden in the end of one beam, which Ben nails in 4 seconds. He also jumps up to collect the leather article.


In the ‘bad handler’ category, Ben ran straight to his wool mitten when we started. I decide to run the other way thinking he will come through the other side. Later I realize he was retrieving it and he dropped it half way as he comes out and around the way I ran. BAD ME! I should have followed him. Never take your eyes off your dog!

I love learning these lessons.

Check out his discovery of the “Tricky Sock” in 4 seconds!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A few more great stills (sorry about the low light) – giddy with his cloth glove! Body snap to leather and jumping up to get it out of a well in the metal beam post. Retrieving it!

So happy and proud of my boy. My goal is to combine his joy in this game with his strong ability to track, though quite seriously.

After this fun game, we all went for a walk around Medicine Hat College. Nice evening!

The little family – Ted, Ben (centre) and Jet on the right. Mother, father and son Ben.
Ted, Ben and Jet at the Cultural Centre, with the College in the background.

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