Central Alberta Tracking Society’s first CKC Tracking Test – Results and photos

Debbie Kona sign
Debbie Whitesell is a C.A.T.S. member. She passed TD both days with her GSD Kona.

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This weekend I had the pleasure of judging the first CKC tracking test hosted by a new club in Alberta known as the Central Alberta Tracking Society or C.A.T.S. It was a successful weekend with 5 new TDs and 1 new TDX over two days. Working with me was Shirley Klatt of Grand Prairie Alberta. Shirley is completing the requirements to become a CKC tracking test judge for TD and TDX. She plotted or assisted with the final TDs and TDXs required over the weekend.

Saturday October 24 – 5 TDs and 1 TDX
A cool morning at 2C and a wet field of short cut hay made for nice conditions for the dogs. All TDs had 4 corners, with an open angle to the article, on average 420 metres and a blind track, aged 30-45 minutes.


Dan me Shirley rosette
Dan Wing and Wriley the Black Russian Terrier passed TD #1 on Saturday

Black Russian Terrier, 4 year old male – Midnight Solo Wriley TD. Wriley is handled by his owner Dan Wing, from St. Albert Alberta (near Edmonton). Wriley footstep tracked the entire track with small checks at each turn and a platz at the glove to become the first TD for this new club.

This is Dan’s first tracking test and we believe this may be the first BRT TD. Tracklayer was Michael Craig, who laid three TDs on Saturday.

Dan and Wriley on the way to the article
Dan Wriley Michael
Dan Wing with tracklayer Michael Craig

TD #2
This Boxer made it to the final turn which was an open angle. She made a 90 degree turn and continued too far to recover.


Kona day 1
Debbie and Kona on leg 4. Also pictured at the top of this post.

GSD, 3 year old female – Broomeacres CC Black Magic Kona TD. Kona is handled by her owner Debbie Whitesell of Red Deer. She did a footstep track to the very last corner, at which point she firmly convinced Debbie to follow her on an open angle to the glove! Tracklayer was Margaret Wing.

TD #4
This Nova Scotia Duck Toller was doing a beautiful job, dead on the track. Unfortunately, just when it looked like she had turn 3 (to the right), she backed up and pulled her handler strongly left too far off track.

TD #5
This Boxer turned too soon from his first leg, slightly recovering only to turn again, too soon, and too far from leg two.


Tanya me Shirley Jacquie
Tanja Klagge and Quinn TDX, with Shirley Klatt (apprentice judge), Donna Brinkworth (me) and tracklayer Jacquie Moore. Photo by Dan Wing.

Hovowart, 3 year old female – Fallon Quinn vom Treuen Freund TDX UTD. Quinn is handled by her owner, Tanja Klagge, who drove for two days to take part in this test. I recognized her right away at the draw, as I judged her successful UTD last year in Courtenay BC, and I remember what a great track she did that day.

On this day, she passed a 940 metre TDX that started at exactly 3 hours old. This blind track had 5 turns, two knolls, a dry ditch and three changes in cover including grass, grass – dirt stubble and dry tall marsh grass.

Quinn had a confident track almost the entire way: her turns were dead on, every article was clearly indicated. She completely ignored the crosstrack on leg 2, but on leg 3 she searched the crosstrack both ways, before returning to the primary track. We are so glad she worked it out. We believe she may be the first Hovowart TDX.

Well worth the drive this weekend! UTDX next! Thank you to tracklayer Jacquie Moore who laid a TDX and a TD on Saturday. There is a picture of Shirley and me plotting Quinn’s track below near the end of this post.

Tanya Quinn leg 2
Tanja and Quinn under the big sky on leg two, green stubble, where she found article one.
Tanya Quinn leg 4
Quinn on leg 4
Tanya sign
Tanja and Quinn TDX UTD

Sunday, October 25 – 5 TDs, TDX absent, all alternates absent
A cold morning at – 6C with bright sun. This field was a lush hayfield with dense, short grass. All TDs had 4 turns.

Me following Mayzie
Me following Leanne and Mayzie on day 2.


Mayzie track
Leanne and Mayzie take their first turn on TD #1, pass!

Nova Scotia Duck Toller, 6 year old female – CH Kelticfox’s Daisy Head Mayzie CD, PCD, RA TD. Mayzie is handled by her owner Leanne Hurl of Sherwood Park (near Edmonton). She did a calm and steady track, only checking off track near some tall grass, and again where something (deer? coyote?) crossed her track – RIGHT BEFORE her article! It made it a TD with a natural crosstrack.

Facing the blazing morning sun in bright frosty conditions, Leanne could barely see for the entire track, and suddenly, Mayzie indicated with a very pretty down. Thanks to tracklayer Wes Haynes, who laid three tracks today!

Rosette Mayzie
Me, with Leanne and Mayzie TD


Kona 1
My iphone was too cold to get photos of Debbie on day 2, so here is another photo of her TD pass on Saturday!

Debbie and Kona the GSD who passed yesterday were able to enjoy a second TD pass today, as the alternate chose not to attend the test this morning. Kona did another lovely job, throwing in some happy leaps today (she must have known yesterday was the ‘serious’ day!) Thanks to tracklayer Wes Haynes.

Rosette Kona
Debbie and Kona TD#2


Rosette Gibson
Audra and Gibson TD

Rottweiler, 6 year old male – Multi V-Rated Nightshadow Braxhaven in Action BH, SE, RN, NAC, O-NJC, TN-N, HP-N, CRN-CL, SD-SP, HIC, TT TD. Gibson is handled by owner Audra Sinclair of Red Deer County. Gibson stepped off the track a few times on leg one, then was dead on to the entire end – 6 minutes start to finish.

Audra says she does not remember jogging behind him. Thanks to tracklayer Jacquie Moore.

Gibson glove
Gibson is showing me what he found!
Audra and Gibson leg 3
Wes and Marilee
We plotted Gibson’s TD last weekend. This is Wes Haynes and his assistant. Wes laid three TDs. Marilee Irwin plotted two other TDs last weekend. Thank you!


Cindy Rocky
Cindy with Rocky on leg two

Boxer, 5 year old male – Ch. Cyntech’s Smooth Criminal RN, SD-SP TD. Rocky is handled by Cindy Thomas, breeder and co-owner with Donna Rodes, of Red Deer. Rocky did a circle at each corner, then pulled Cindy along each leg to the final article.

His final leg was 120 metres and on this leg he built up a lot of forward momentum really leaning into his harness. The wind was coming up and blowing the article scent straight at him. He is apparently very good at nosework, and must have known that article was waiting for him. Thanks to tracklayer Jacquie Moore.

Rocky near end
Rocky heading for the final article
Rosette Rocky
Me with Cindy and Rocky TD

TD #5
This Boxer, who only missed her last turn yesterday, tracked to just beyond turn two when she stopped and began to paw at her eye. The wind had picked up for this track. Her handler noticed that her dog had a very irritated eye and after checking it out, decided to retire her girl and declined a second track opportunity. A heartbreaker, but we know she is ready for next year. Thanks to tracklayer Wes Haynes. As her boy (above) passed, it was still a happy day.

**Update October 26. Cindy has shared that CJ certainly does have an ulcerated eye, so it is a good thing that she did retire her girl. Dog comes first! Tracking is a hobby, and there will be more tests. Good decision Cindy. I hope she heals up fast.

The TDX alternate was absent today.

Me and Shirley tall grass
Donna and Shirley plotting Quinn’s TDX track through the marsh grass.

This was the C.A.T.S.’ first tracking test in the Central Alberta area. It filled with alternates and entrants came in from Vancouver, Calgary, Red Deer and the Edmonton area. The members worked very hard and the test was well-organized with very nice fields. Thanks to the tracklayers – Michael Craig, Wes Haynes, Jacquie Moore, Margaret Wing, Marilee Irwin. Without your stinky feet we would not have a test. Other club members also pulled together to make this test a success.

As I live just south of Red Deer, it was a treat to pick away at plotting over the course of a week at fields only 30 minutes from home. The Alberta fields are huge and the big sky made for some beautiful photos. It was also a pleasure to work with Shirley Klatt, who now completes her apprenticeship and will be another judge for Alberta tests. We all enjoyed her company and her contributions to the test outcomes.

Congratulations everyone!

C.A.T.S. gallery – Leanne Hurl, Cindy Thomas, Jacquie Moore, Debbie Whitesell (behind). Audra Sinclair, me (why are they walking ahead and ignoring me?) and Margaret Wing. Shirley Klatt is hiding behind too. I think we are on our way to judge the TDX. Imagine Tanja watching this motely crew walking up!
Shirley and Jacquie
Shirley Klatt and Jacquie Moore beside the club sign on day one

As the alternate as absent on Sunday, we had to pick up the stakes for the TDX. Without aging it, we gave Jacquie Moore a chance to run it with her Bouvier NV. NV just won the Nationals Bouvier TOP 20 in Colorado. She was also BOS at the famous Westminster dog show last year. I believe this girl is also a natural tracker. Jacquie worked hard to lay tracks this weekend so we thought this would be fun. NV tracked the entire 940 metres. Next year, I think Jacquie will be in the tests!

Jacquie and NV 1

Jacquie and NV
Jacquie and NV run the TDX after the test ended. Followed by Debbie Whitesell.
Sat field
Field, day one, panorama by Jacquie
Field on the morning of day two, panorama by Jacquie

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